Commencement of Construction of the Centennial Campus of the University of
Hong Kong

Wong & Ouyang (HK) Ltd., Architect,
Wong & Ouyang (Building Services) Ltd. /
Ove Arup & Partners, M&E,
Wong & Ouyang (Civil-Structural Engineering) Ltd. /
Ove Arup & Partners, Structure.

The construction of the buildings for the Centennial Campus will commence shortly with the Main Building Contract awarded to Gammon Construction Ltd. The buildings are targeted to be completed in early 2012 in time for the intake of students following the 3:3:4 curriculum.

The Centennial Campus Project has also received a Merit Award in the Research and Planning Studies Catagory of the Green Buildings Award 2008. The Jury cited the extensive use of sustainability features including conservation of three historic buildings, elimination of vehicular traffic within the Centennial Campus, use of proven and experimental energy efficient technologies.